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In accordance with the State Records Act (5 ILCS 160/1), all departments within the university are required to maintain a schedule of agency records from their creation to their approved disposition.
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Managing your Department's Records

This guide contains lists of the documents that departments are required to retain by State law.

The original applications were drafted in 1986. Each department is responsible for notifying the records manager of any changes or updates to the inventory.

When reviewing your unit's record schedule, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Does your department still maintain these files?
  • Are these files still generated, but ownership has transferred to another department?
  • Are there files that are no longer generated?
  • Are there files that are being generated, but not documented as an item in the records schedule?
  • In what format are these files maintained (physically or digitally)?

Visit the RESOURCE PAGE for advice, or contact the University Records manager by email or phone


Records Schedules (by Organizational Chart)

Below are the records schedules as approved by the State Records Commission.

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Note: this arrangment is based on the most recent organizational chart.
If there are any errors, please contact dnadler @

President's Office

Internal Auditor


Academic Affairs

Student Affairs

Administration and Planning


President's Office

1. Administrative Correspondence and Reference File
2. Affirmative Action Search Files
3. Affirmative Action Advisory Committee Minutes
4. Administrative and Professional Employee Personnel Records
5. Fiscal Transaction File
6. Budget File


Internal Auditor

29. Audit Reports
30. Minutes of Meetings of Board of Governors
31. Telephone Reports


Alumni Office

15. Alumni Board Minutes
16. Correspondence File
17. Computer Printout Listings of Alumni and Gift Amounts 
      Received See 14a below

14a. University Donation Files


Foundation Services

10. Budget Administration Files
11. Fiscal Administration Files


GSU Foundation

12.  Foundation Correspondence Files
13.  Donor Correspondence File See 14A, below
14.  Minutes of Meetings
14a. University Donation Files


University Advancement

7. Fiscal Administration File
8. Government Relations Correspondence Files
9. Search Committee Files


College of Arts and Sciences

58. Budget records
59. Incoming correspondence file
60. Outgoing correspondence file
61. Course files

62. Administrative correspondence File
63. Budget and fiscal administration file
64. Curriculum development file
65. Faculty administrative correspondence file
66. Student files

67. Budget and fiscal administrative file
68. General correspondence
69. Curriculum development files
70. Faculty workload Files
71. Student files

72. Administrative correspondence
73. Curriculum development files
74. Fiscal files
75. Student records
76. Women’s Resource Center research materials and general

77. Administrative files
78. Master’s theses and project files
79. Student files
80. Syllabi files

81. Budget and fiscal records
82. Curriculum development files
83. Faculty administration files
84. Faculty reading files
85. Student files


Instructional Communications Center

35. Unit statement of resource need
36. Budget and fiscal files
37. Administrative correspondence file
38. Production file
39. Minutes of ICC committee meetings
40. Production requisitions


College of Business and Public Administration

Now College of Business

86.  Program review files
87.  Curriculum development files
88.  Articulation agreements
89.  Budget and fiscal administration files
90.  College committee meeting minutes
91.  Administrative correspondence file
92.  Division meeting minutes
93.  Administration and planning research reports
94.  Faculty search committee files
95.  Student evaluations of instruction
96.  Student files
97.  Employee time sheets

98.  IPPA conference files
99.  IPPA administrative correspondence file
100. IPPA Fiscal transaction files
101. IPPA Graduate fellowship files
102. IPPA Research files


College of Education

103.  Assignment of duties files
104.  Budget reports
105.  Class lists
106.  Certification files
107.  Administrative correspondence file
108.  Course change forms
109.  Course history files
110.  Course syllabi and competency statements
111.  Various committee meeting minutes
112.  Faculty workload reports
113.  Graduate lists
114.  Problem student files
115.  Student evaluations of instruction
116.  Textbook requisition file
116A. Student files (departmental copies)

117. Budget reports
118. Graduate thesis file
119. Minutes of staff meetings
120. Pre-practicum clinical experience tracking forms
121. Student records of the educational administration major
122. Student teacher files
123. Syllabi file

124.    Correspondence file
125.    Faculty assignment worksheets See 130.03 below
126.    Fiscal administration records
127.    Graduation logs
128.    Program admission files
129.    Student advisement records
130.    Syllabi See 130.07 below
130.01. Client files
130.02. Capstone project files
130.03. Faculty assignment worksheets
130.04. Minutes and agendas
130.05. Course schedule files
130.06. Search and screen files
130.07. Syllabi

130.30 Family Development Center Children's Student Files


College of Health Professions

Now College of Health and Human Services

131. Alumni records

132. Fiscal administration and budget reports
133. Foundation contributors file
134. Administrative council minutes of meetings
135. Syllabi file

136. Administrative reference & program correspondence
137. Advisement lists
138. Alumni records
139. Bookstore text requests file
140. Budget printouts and fiscal administration records
141. Clinical facilities contracts
142. Faculty seminar/workshop records
143. Faculty workload reports
144. Grade sheets
145. Practicum reports
146. Self study reports
147. Student files
148. Student information computer printouts
149. Syllabi file

150. Index card file

151. Grant application records

152. Competency assessment reports
153. Faculty welfare files
154. Test files


Community College Relations

25. Articulation agreements with community colleges   
26. Community college articulation request file
27. Fiscal administration and budget records
28. General files
29. Pamphlet approvals correspondence files


Office of Assessment

251. BOG program admission records
252. Data form B [prior academic credit form]
253. CEEL portfolio log
254. CEEL student files.
255. Faculty evaluators information
256. Portfolio development seminar - attendance records
257. 'Portfolio' newsletter file
258. Portfolio submission contracts
259. Portfolio submission lists
260. Proficiency test records
261. BOG program student files
262. Data form A [personal data form]


Office of Conferences and Workshops

263. Brochures file
264. Conference and workshop coordination file
265. General correspondence and reference file
266. Hotel information file
267. Hotel information reference file
268. Student files


Office of Faculty Development

30. General correspondence 
31. Faculty information files
32. Grant reports to BOG
33. Grants and contracts
34. Mini grants and Title III


Office of Institutional Research and Planning

9.  Academic program review data base
10. Alumni study file
11. Annual report to BOG on program adds and deletes
12. BOG annual academic program review reports
13. Six Year Academic Program Review
14. Census Bureau employment surveys
15. Cost Studies submitted to the IBHE
16. Course history and course history by academic major
17. EEO-6 reports
18. Fall enrollment reports
19. Fall enrollments by location and race
20. Internal faculty load reports
21. Fiscal year degrees awarded file
22. Annual geographic origins report
23. HEGIS reports
24. National Science Foundation surveys
25. IBHE program major cost study
26. Internal summary reports
27. Part-time faculty members personnel reports
28. Professional Associations reports
29. New and expanded program requests.
       Expanded instructional program requests
30. RAMP enrollment tables
31. Space allocation study files
32. Student enrollment reports
33. Student profile by academic major
34. Academic year summary of student credit hours
35. Summaries of SEI and Self-Instructional modules reports
36. Annual tenure report
37. University Statistical Abstract


Office of International Services

232A. International Student Files


Office of Student Development

158. US and Illinois Constitution answer sheets

159. GRE/GMAT test answer sheets
160. GRE/GMAT scores files
161. Placement files
162. Student files
163. University competency exam scores

164. Application for tutor positions
165. Fiscal transaction file
166. Federal grant files
167. Personnel time sheets
168. Student files
169. Student referral files
170. Testing files
171. Test score listings
172. Writing competency bluebooks
173. Administrative correspondence file


Provost's Office

1.   Annual assignment of duties records
2.   Reports to BOG on annual actual assignment of duties
3.   Reports to BOG on initial assignment of duties by
       individual, division, and college

4.   Division summary reports on assignment of duties and

5.   Term updates to assignment of duties worksheets
6.   Assignment of duties worksheets
7.   Modifications to assignment of duties, guidelines, and

8.   Calendars for assignment of duties
9.   Budget records
10.  Civil service Senate files

11.  General administrative correspondence
12.  Course catalog master
13.  Course history/faculty load reports
14.  Curriculum reassignment files
15.  Faculty Senate record
16.  Outside activities requests from professional staff
17.  Class schedules
18.  Student Senate files
19.  Senate policies
20.  Syllabi file
21.  Travel requests
22.  Faculty tuition waiver files
23.  University personnel committee files
24.  Course requests
24A. Faculty grievance recordings
24B. Faculty grievance files [agency record copies]
24C. Student exception files

Additional Items
1. Faculty Personnel Files


Special Programs and Continuing Education

233. Adjunct faculty administrative file
234. Central stores and central duplicating files
235. Class lists
236. Course history files
237. Course offerings by term/by site with related
        course scheduling and site reports
238. Enrollment information files
239. Fiscal administration file
240. Independent study progress records
241. Marketing materials file
242. Military occupation skills contracts
243. Property control inventory
244. Registration forms
245. Student evaluation of instruction [SEI]
246. Student course evaluation/grades
247. Syllabi
248. Telecourse files
249. Textbook request file
250. Word processor files


University Library

41. Administrative correspondence and reference file
42. Fiscal transaction files
43. Gift records
44. Master order searching card file

45. General administrative file

46. Administrative correspondence and reference file
47. Fiscal administration files
48. ILDS monthly shipping/rec logs
49. Interlibrary lending files
50. Student sign-in sheets
51. Visitor registration record

52. Administrative correspondence and reference file
53. Fiscal transaction files
54. Library computer system administration file
55. Subscription files

56.  Administrative correspondence and reference file
57.  Minutes of meetings of the library professional staff
57A. Inactive library staff reference file


Dean of Student Affairs and Services

155. Facilities request file
156. Student conduct files
157. Student grievance files

See also Office of Student Life


Admissions and Student Recruitment

174. Administrative holds computer printout
175. Applications for admission
176. Inactive applications for admission
177. General correspondence file
178. Bi-weekly application tallies
179. Fiscal transaction file
180. International student file
181. University committee on readmission and special
     admission recommendation/decision form

182. Student applies lists
183. Monthly student information reports
184. Student prospect data card file


Financial Aid Office

185Audit reports see 185A below
185A. Audit reports (originals)

186.  Budget and fiscal records
187.  General administrative correspondence file
188.  Federal reports
189Financial assistance student files See 189A below
189A. Financial assistance student files (originals)
190.  Abbreviated master list of students receiving
         financial aid

191.  Minutes of staff meetings
192.  Veteran's benefits files



193.   Academic grade logs
194.   Academic standing lists
195.   Budget and fiscal administration file
196M.  Grade records of student evaluations submitted by
197.   Class rosters
198.   Classroom utilization reports
199.   Subject correspondence file
200.   Commencement program graduation lists
201.   Course competencies lists
202.   Course creation and related amendment forms for
          trimester course schedules
203E.  Course history report [ISIS Report C5101]
204.   Enrollment report package file
205.   Preliminary enrollment reports
206.   Student enrollment and degree certifications
207M.  Grade distribution reports
208.   Integrated student information system [ISIS]
          Course schedule reports
209.   Integrated student information system [ISIS]
          Reports service as add/drop maintenance records
210.   Program review files
211.   Inactive readmissions application processing file
212.   Records hold list
213.   Trimester schedule of classes with information
214MA. Student academic record file
215.     Registration documents
216.   Student transcripts and registration hold and 
         clearance records
217.   Student data base record [L2006]
218.   Student demographic information change forms
219.   Student employee time sheets
220.   Written transcript requests
221.   Update change register
222.   University catalogs and course schedules


Office of Student Life

223. Budget files
224. Child care center file
225. Clubs and organizations files
226. Elections file
227. Minutes of meetings
228. Minutes - Advisory committee
229. Orientation program files
230. Property control file
231. Recognition activities files
232. Work plan agreement file


Academic Computing Center

38.  Computer Center budget, fiscal, and other related
        administration documents

38A. Faculty/Student electronic usage data
        [electronic series]


Business Operations -- Bursar

39. Dispersal sheet file
40. Fee assessment file
40. Miscellaneous check register printout
41. National Defense Student Loans promissory notes
42. Parking decal registration receipts
43. Receipt books for MasterCharge and Visa
44. Standard journal entries file
45. Transmittal sheet file


Business Operations -- Comptroller and Purchasing

48.  Accounting journals
49.  Accounts receivable reconciliation files
50.  Annual Audit reports
51.  Audit workpapers
52.  Authorized Signers list
53.  Auxiliary Enterprise committee files
54.  Cancelled check file
55.  Capital Development Board invoice vouchers
56.  Check reconciliation file
57.  DFAFS reports
58.  Depository designation files
59.  Expenditure adjustment transmittals
60.  State Comptroller expenditure reports
61.  Department of Financial Institutions annual publication 

62.  Financial system computer statements
63.  Food Service and Bookstore vendor commission reports
64.  Grant and Grant Contract administration files
65.  Insurance files
66.  Inter-departmental billing
67.  State of Illinois invoice schedule book
68A. NDSL notes
68B. NDSL student files
68C. Student loan ledger
69.  Paid document files
70.  Personal Services Obligations printouts
71.  Purchase order log
72.  Report on short-term loans
73.  State Fund collection, transmittal, and deposit 
74.  Third-party billing records

75.  Travel requests
76.  Tuition and fees receipts


Business Operations -- Payroll

77. Gross to net register and deduction register
78. Local fund check registers
79. Paymaster and labor distribution files
80. Payroll calculation books
81. Payroll input forms
82. Payroll voucher files
83. Quarterly and year-end earnings reports
84. Quarterly unemployment compensation reports.
      UC40 and 40A
85. Salary refund form
86. Time sheets
87. U.S. Savings Bonds purchase register
88. W-2 forms
89. Wage garnishment reports and court orders
90. Warrant action request records and replacement listings
91. Warrants listings


Business Operations -- Purchasing

92. Bid files
93. Construction Contract files
94. Non-Construction Contract files
95. Property Control records
96. Requisition Files


Cooperative Computing Center

100.01 Administrative correspondence and related documents
100.02 Equipment inventory, depreciation, acquisition,
          and deletion reports
100.03 Fiscal administration files
100.04 Position descriptions and job specifications
100.05 Fiscal administrative files

110.01 Agenda & minutes of the Computer Services and Vice 
President's advisory committees
110.02 BOG reports and minutes
110.03 Computer and compliance audit report files
110.04 Policy advisory board meeting minutes
110.05 Resource allocation management plans [RAMPS]
110.06 Science and Computer Technology Corporation files
120.01 On-line registration and batch program listings
120.02 Work orders
130.01 Auditors' reports
130.02 Equipment depreciation reports/worksheets
130.03 Telephone logs
130.04 Vendor contract files
130.05 Vice President's advisory committee minutes
130.06 Warrant action requests
140.01 Civil service employee register
140.02 Civil service position control files
140.03 Employee attendance/time sheets
140.04 Group insurance reports
140.05 Personnel files
140.06 Salary range/information file
140.07 Wage garnishment records
150.01 Diskette files - IBM PC/XT
150.02 IBIS documentation files
150.03 Personnel recruitment files [not hired]
150.04 Project review reports
150.05 State of Illinois bid lists
160.01 Payroll system files
160.02 Work orders
160.03 Payroll system files
160.04 Integrated business information system [IBIS] files
170.01 Console sheets
180.01 Production update requests
190.01 Batch-cost study, online cost study, payroll and
         retirement system, and miscellaneous program
190.02 Program listing maintenance files


Department of Public Safety

125. Daily Police reports
126. Attendance Records
127. Court Case files
128. Supervisor’s Daily Watch activity reports

129. Drivers Records requests
130. Investigatory Case file

131. Incident card file
132. Radio Communications Duty Daily Activity reports
133. Telephone and Radio Dispatch logs
134. Illinois Uniform Crime Report


Personnel Office

97.  Applications for employment [not employed applicants]
98.  Civil service employment register cards [inactive]
99.  Civil service personnel files
100. Civil service test scores report
101. Civil service test score Transfer requests
102. Class specifications for civil service positions
103. Community professor and graduate assistant personnel
104. Faculty personnel files
105. Grievance/appeal/complaints files
106. Employee health insurance file
107. Monthly insurance premium reports
108. Position control files
109. Position description files
110. Recommendation for assignment of position to a class
111. Referral forms for state students
112. Temporary employee personnel file
113. Wage ranges/rates
114. Workman’s compensation files
115. Discharge file
116. Discharge record

Additional Items

1. Civil service personnel files
2. Grievance files


Physical Plant

117. Key Control file
118. Maintenance Work Orders
119. Motor Pool File – Fleet and Assigned Vehicles
120. Physical Plant Incident file
121. Preventive Maintenance Work Orders Schedule log
122. Project Files
123. Time and Attendance records
124. Fiscal Administration File


University Relations

18. Bid Specifications and Related Correspondence
19. Biographies
20. Central Duplicating Billings
21. Inscapes File
22. GSU Landscapes
23. Campus Photograph File

24. Press Clippings
25. Press Releases
26. Printing Orders File
27. Publications Preparation File
28. Special Projects File


Vice President's Office

1. Administrative correspondence and reference file 
      [Academic Affairs]
2. Administrative correspondence and reference file
      [Administration and Planning]
3. Program activity files
4. Planning committee files
5. Research/grant administration files
6. Contract files
7. Project construction files
8. Fiscal transaction files

Records Retention Officer

Diane Nadler
Contact Info
email: dnadler
ext. 7517
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